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Get to know Brittney LaBonte


Brittney is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate with a Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Colorado Christian University. Brittney has a 10-year certified background in alternative healing techniques such as spiritual healing, yoga, reiki, meditation, and mindfulness. She brings a positive and nurturing approach to her counseling style allowing clients to feel safe and explore their struggles. Brittney guides her clients to identify their worth, cultivate resiliency, develop emotional regulation and practice mindfulness.

Brittney specializes in couples therapy, addiction recovery, and positive lifestyle changes.

While working with couples, Brittney believes deeply in the power of love. However, she also knows that the sentiments of love isn’t enough to keep a relationship afloat. Conflict resolution, deep mutual respect and understanding, forgiveness, vulnerability, and boundaries all take part in making a partnership last. Brittney will often say, “couples are oftentimes too close to the storm, and they just need a guide with a flashlight to help them navigate their way out.” Brittney loves to be that support in helping couples walk out of the storm and into the sunshine of their lives.

Brittney’s career began working in one of the nations top addiction treatment centers working with dual diagnosis mental health conditions. Working with individuals and families, Brittney brings an understanding approach to addiction treatment. Coming from the clinical understanding of addiction being a brain disease, Brittney understands the complexity and impact addiction has on one’s life and their families. In private practice, Brittney will work with anyone in active recovery (not active use; if you are currently in active use and looking for support, please look towards medical detox and residential treatment stays for your safety and success).

Last but not least, Brittney believe that anyone can transform their lives with a little bit of support and care. Brittney helps those who are grieving, moving on from relationships, or are just trying to change their lives to “something better than what I’m feeling right now.” Using positive psychology, energy healing, and holistic practices, Brittney inspires you to become empowered and live your best life one day at a time.

On Brittney’s down time, she loves spending time with her family, international travel, and has a goal of learning how to play the ukulele in 2024.

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