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8/8 AUGUST 8th

I'm a little late on my monthly newsletter but everything comes in divine timing. Many astrologers consider August 8th to be a lucky day. I feel much gratitude for having you all in my life!


Some fun Astrology about today from an article I read from

"Every year on August 8, an astrological event called the Lion’s Gate Portal "opens" in the sky.

Astrologers consider this an opportune day for manifestation or concentrating on what you want to make it a reality. Charlotte Kirsten, trauma psychologist, defined manifestation to TODAY as the belief that you can “intentionally create your reality through beliefs or pattern actions.”

Make a list of things you want to manifest in your life. With transformations comes the awakening that you have the power to create your life and create your experiences. Some of you may be living the life you have always wanted to create, yet can not enjoy it. Some of you may still be in the creating stage. As I've said before the new month, can be a great time to pause, reflect, and sit with what is coming up for us and where we need to move from here.


Office update!

Fall Schedule Starting September 1st - December 1st

My appointments will be from Tuesday- Friday, 9:00-2:00.

Most of my current clients have a plan for this transition if it impacts you. If you would like to further discuss your plan for appointments please send me a message through the portal, or bring it up in your next session. The calendar is up for September, so if you are a planner or like to book your appointments ahead, start booking!


Please welcome Christa Robert, who will be renting space from Mindful Transformations. Alchemy Reiki will have reiki sessions available starting September 2022! Many of you know I love Reiki as a healing modality however I have not been able to offer it to my clients, due to such a high volume of therapy appointments I am conducting per week. I am so happy to have Christa join, I highly suggest a reiki session from her in addition to your therapy practices. If you are currently not in therapy it is also just a great way to relax and clear your energy.

See below a message from the beautiful spirit, Christa,

My name is Christa Roberts and I am a Reiki Practitioner and Energy Worker. Reiki is a Japanese form of relaxation and energy healing. By harnessing this universal energy I am able to help heal the client from within. Just as a chiropractor aligns your spine, I use Reiki energy to align your chakras. Everything about our daily lives can affect our chakras, from the environment we live into the words we speak. When our chakras are out of alignment the energy can manifest physically or emotionally. Through our sessions, I will help to navigate your individual needs while incorporating oracle cards, crystals, and essential oils.

You can book with Christa by emailing her at


I had a client ask me the other day if I meditate every day, and the truth is no. Not lately, I have had that practice in the past, but I have been going through a transition phase in my life and lost some balance. I am trying to get back to my daily practice. When I am going through these times I like to focus on mindfulness practices over just meditation. This way I can infuse my day where I can, and not feel the self-judgment if I miss my meditation practice. I wanted to share the 7 principles of mindfulness. How could you infuse these into your day, in addition to meditating or just integrating them into your current life?

What are the 7 principles of mindfulness?

  • Non-judging. Be an impartial witness to your own experience. ...

  • Patience. A form of wisdom, and patience demonstrates that we accept the fact that.

  • Beginner's Mind. Remaining open and curious allows us to be receptive to new.

  • Trust. Develop a basic trust with yourself and your feelings. ...

  • Non-Striving. ...

  • Acceptance. ...

  • Letting Go.


As always much love and gratitude to you all, wishing you a wonderful month ahead.



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