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Allow me to reintroduce myself

Hi, my name is Samantha Alzate. I applaud you for taking a step towards finding healing. Thank you for checking out my website. I know I have been slacking with my blog but I have recently opened up more space to be able to work on things such as this blog that brings me joy!

So a little about me and my therapeutic style...

Everyone is unique including therapists. It’s important to find a therapist that is in alignment with your needs on your healing journey. Thank you for watching this video to learn more about me to see if we may be a good fit to work together.

I consider myself a holistic transpersonal therapist. What makes my practice unique is aside from being a Clinical Social Worker I also hold a Master's level certification in Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal psychology. This eclectic background allows me to utilize both my clinical skills with a holistic approach.

My approach doesn't just focus on a person's body and mind but on the health of a person's spirit. This type of therapy puts an emphasis on a person's spiritual path or spiritual enlightenment during their life.

I use a variety of methods such as meditation, guided visualization, EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy), EFT (emotional freedom technique) dream work, shadow work, journaling, and mindfulness practices in order to help clients explore their spiritual selves and create meaning in their life. The main goal of my work is to help clients develop mindful awareness that then leads them to raise their level of consciousness in their life. By raising your level of consciousness you take yourself off autopilot and can heal and begin to create your ideal life.

My ideal client is someone who is open to holistic modalities on the path to healing. A client who is ready to take the next steps of transformation goes into the dark cocoon to then emerge into the butterfly they were always meant to be.

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