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Do you wonder what your highest future self is doing right now? Here is a holistic approach to find out

Do you wonder what your highest future self is doing right now? The journey to being our future self, takes a lot of unlearning, moving from living unconsciously on auto pilot to a new state of awareness. Do you know we are conscious only about 5% of our days. That is an extremely low number and does not give us much power in creating our reality. 

Picture this: every day, we find ourselves stuck in the familiar web of routine—repeating thoughts, echoing habits—yet yearning for a transformative shift in our lives. It's a paradox we all struggle with: the desire for change, met with the resistance of our own subconscious.

Do you wonder what your highest future self is doing right now?

As we strive to break free and sculpt a new narrative for ourselves, an intriguing

phenomenon unfolds. Meet the "shadow self," that protective part within, ready to react and pull us back into the safety of the familiar. Our brains and bodies, by science are designed to preserve our survival, are designed to keep us alive rather than to guide us towards happiness.

In the pursuit of personal development, many of us have experienced the disheartening dance of progress and regression. Just when we believe we're stepping into the light of our envisioned future selves, the shadow whispers, "Not so fast." This is a journey into the realms of consciousness and subconsciousness, where the keys to unlocking your true potential await. 

I don’t love giving steps to a process, because no one's process is the same, we might be at step 3 and move back to step one. There is a messiness in creating the person you are meant to be that is not easy as a four step process. But since our minds like things to be broken down so simple I will give you 4 steps I find very helpful. Depending on where you are on your journey you may bounce around all the steps. 

Step 1: Cultivating Awareness

The foundational step in any transformative journey is cultivating awareness. I frequently collaborate with clients to help them gain a profound understanding of their current life circumstances. This involves embracing mindfulness—a powerful tool for navigating the terrain of one's conscious level. Take a moment to assess: Are you content with your life at this very moment?  What are you even feeling? Knowing how you feel, knowing what you don’t want can help us gain clarity on what it is we are truly wanting. That is a hard step, knowing what you are wanting. It’s like planning a trip with no destination. Maybe you want to go somewhere warm for a few weeks, where did that desire come from? Maybe the cold winter months? If you did not let yourself feel the cold you may not have as the inspiration to go somewhere warm.  The brain tells us “ I don’t want this, I don’t want this” Use that as a guidance tool, well what’s the opposite of that. What do you want? Gaining awareness is so important! 

Step 2: The Power of Visualization

Practice daily visualization, a practice with the potential to reshape your reality. The fascinating truth is that our brains struggle to know the difference between an actual event and the vivid imagery of that event. Visualization serves as a training ground for the mind, preparing it for the actual performance when the envisioned future becomes the present. Personally, I've found guided meditations, such as those by Joe Dispenza, to be a great tool for visualizing my future self. For those who face difficulty in visualization, techniques like scripting—writing a letter from the future detailing your transformed self—can be a helpful alternative or a great add on! 

Step 3: Embrace Discomfort

As you immerse yourself in these visualizations and integrate change into your current reality, anticipate discomfort, resistance, and a cascade of emotions. Embrace these sensations; as EMDR therapists often emphasize, "Notice that." The discomfort is a signpost pointing to the areas in need of attention for your journey to your future self. This is the space where unlearning, healing, and processing become imperative. It is not easy to be uncomfortable alone, having a support system is important. Share your dreams with safe people, a therapist or a support group. Let them know habits, changing you are making to become the person you are meant to be. This is a collective experience where support is so essential to this process.


Step 4: Be & Live Your Future Self

The culmination of your efforts lies in embodying the person you aspire to become. This isn't just about visualizing; it's about stepping into the shoes of your future self. Act with holistic intention, make decisions aligned with your envisioned reality, and watch as your present transforms in harmony with your future vision. This final step is the bridge between imagination and reality, where the blueprint you've created unfolds into a lived experience.

As I dug into this process deeply over the past few years, it inspired me to write this blog. When we start trying to be our future selves, our old feelings might come up. As we take risks and get more confident, we can take care of those old feelings and integrate all parts of ourselves. 

Becoming our future selves I feel like is the most creative part of the human spiritual experience. As you go through figuring out who you are, picturing your future, dealing with tough feelings, and making things happen, remember that your journey is special and unique to you. As you go through the different parts of this journey, enjoy the ongoing progress, understanding that becoming your future self is not just a goal but a continuous, beautiful journey with every step you take.

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