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Fall in love with yourself this November...

Classes/ Workshops to help you FALL IN LOVE with you :)

Law of Attraction Workshop with Samantha Alzate LCSW

November 27th 2022 10:00am-12:30pm

Read more below for information on this workshop!


Circle Connection Monthly Group! This exciting new class will be co-collborating with The Lotus Petal, Debbie Lyons Reiki Master. In this group we will present and explore topics such as, Mindfulness, Law of Attraction,

meditation, practicing non-judgement and more! Learn how to bring these helpful practices into your life, relationships and situations to cuTransformationsltivate more inner peace.

Our first meeting will be Saturday, January 7th, 10-11 am at The Lotus Petal. The cost is $20 pp due at the time of registration. To register email

Check out the lotus petals website for all they have to offer


Fall in Love with Yourself this Fall

Written by: Samantha Alzate LCSW

As some of you know I just returned from 2 weeks in Europe where I was on an Abraham Hicks Cruise and attending many workshops with Esther Hicks. I can't wait to share with you the insights from this trip! How did I manifest this amazing opportunity to journey with another great therapist, to dive deep into our practice of self love? I had to face a lot of fears, and put myself first in ways I could never imagine. Read more to find out!

Esther Hicks is a Spiritual Teacher and Channeller for Abraham. Esther is a spiritual teacher who helps people to learn how to use their thoughts to create the life they want. She's one of the most famous spiritual teachers in the world and has helped people to be successful in all areas of their life. Basically, I like to explain it to some people as intense cognitive behavioral therapy.

One of the hardest things I've witnessed within myself and my clients is letting go of resistance and clearing your path for the life you want. Loving yourself is extremely painful for some people, there is a lot of resistance to this concept. A year ago I was working the public section burnt out. I had 3 jobs, a wife and mom of 2. I was constantly giving to others, saying yes to everything and taking on way to much. I was putting myself last and trying to find my worth by doing. As burnout really took over, I knew I needed to make some changes in my life. I decided to face my fears and start thinking differently what I have been telling my clients to do for years. I just needed to take my thoughts/feelings/beliefs to the next level. It started with saying no more, leaving my public section job and pursuing my passions.

Why is self love so hard at times? Usually is because there is work to be done. I love the concept of the "emotional grid" from the book Ask and It's Given. You can't jump from powerlessness, and insecurity to love, joy, and freedom. We can't spiritual bypass our emotions, AKA fake positivity. That was working through the emotional grid comes in. (or shadow work, acceptance approach) This is where reaching for a better feeling thought can help you get to the point of where you want to be. Below is an example of the emotional grid.

Abraham Explains. Your emotional grid is a key part of the framework for how you can use the law of vibration to manifest your desires. At its core, your emotional grid has to do with where you place your focus. Whenever you have a desire, you can imagine yourself laying a “grid” that represents your point of attraction.

Changing your thoughts and beliefs that have been embedded in us for years can be challenging to do alone. That's why using cognitive behavioral therapy in your therapy sessions can help you notice your thoughts and how to change them.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is designed to help people who suffer repeated bouts of depression and chronic unhappiness. It combines the ideas of cognitive therapy with meditative practices and attitudes based on the cultivation of mindfulness and moving you up your emotional grid.

Why Loving Yourself Is So Important!

  • Self-love helps us ignite our own healing allows us to forgive ourselves when we take a step backward and eliminates the shame spiral that so often lands us right back where we started

  • Your Happiness is your job! Having self-love allows you to have a more fulfilling life because you learn that your happiness isn't dependent upon anyone but yourself.

  • Saying No - Is ALOT easier when you love yourself. You ask yourself, does this decision feel good for me? Loving boundaries also include the boundaries you set with yourself. When you make decisions out of guilt, a need to please or to avoid conflict, you overvalue the needs of others and disrespect yourself.

  • The relationship you have with yourself is the only truly life-long relationship, self-love is the most important love of your life. Why is it important? Because you can't share healthy love with others until you love yourself. You may feel love for others, but you may not be able to express it without fear.

Want to learn more about these concepts? Sign up for my workshop this November


Mindful Transformations continues to expand.....

Our Clinician Nicole has openings for evening appointments. Check her out on Psychology Today!


With love & light!

Set your intentions for this month of November, we are here if you need us.


The Mindful Transformations Team

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