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February Transformation to Self Love

Has it really been over a month since this new year started? Are you still in touch with your intentions for your evolution? See the thing about transformations, is it does imply change. Maybe you want to change or maybe you don't either way you are. You are constantly changing and expanding. You can do it consciously or unconsciously. Being conscious about change is taking yourself off of the autopilot that you have been conditioned to by your life. Do you notice a theme that comes up in your life over and over again? That right there is the subconscious finding, again and again, the old story that feels comfortable. We can break free from our old stories, depending on how deeply rooted they are it takes a different level of conscious effort. The first step is becoming aware that you are in an old story, and old energy and making the choice you want to set yourself free.

February has been a month symbolizing love due to the holiday Valentine's Day. I've declared that valentines day is a day for self-love.

Other ways you can celebrate are self-care, fostering relationships with family, and friends, and caring for others in your life. However, the most important relationship we have is with ourselves. Everything else has to be your side piece. Period. The relationship with ourselves is the most critical and complicated relationship. Learning to love ourselves in a deeply authentic way is a lifetime journey. I've needed to continually work on this throughout my life.

Here are some things that have helped me learn to love myself:

  1. Going to therapy

  2. Reading Louise Hay's books ( and crying through them )

  3. Being around people who love me as I am

  4. Nurturing positive relationships

  5. Learning positive self-talk and practicing it daily.

  6. Affirmations

  7. Alone time with myself

  8. Saying no to things that don't serve me

  9. Taking care of myself, reparenting, practicing self-care

  10. Sending love to my inner child

The story behind our logo and its connection to loving yourself

The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. Spiritual transformation, like the physical metamorphosis of the butterfly, is a very difficult and often painful process. However, transformation requires growth and change, and so for our souls to fly free, we must embrace the growing pains. Many of us fear and subconsciously avoid change. Change is inevitable. Only by stepping into this darkness, like a caterpillar inside the cocoon, that we can in time grow, change, and emerge to fly into the light.

If loving yourself is hard, it's time for you to go into your cocoon. Turning within to see where these beliefs came from and how to dismantle them. Once you can break free from the beliefs that you are not worthy, you are not lovable, you are not good enough, you can emerge into the butterfly you were always meant to be. Not everything we think is true, if you have a belief that is no longer serving you it most likely came from a dark place. We can't be afraid of that darkness, we have to step into it, to bring ourselves to the light. You are worthy of your OWN LOVE. That is the best love there is. Then all the rest will follow.

Remember you don't have to learn to love yourself on your own. If you need help on this journey we are here to support you :)

Join us in our upcoming Self Love Meditation

Facilitated by Samantha Alzate LCSW

Self Love Circle and meditation come to join us to connect with the group energy. Enjoy a

guided meditation on self-love, infused with reiki healing. Enjoy a crystal gift.

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Much love to you today and always,


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