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Happy New Years! 2021 The year of Awakening!

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

I love new years, it gives us a time to reflect the past be in the present and make some intentions moving forwards. It gives us a chance to see all we have overcome and what we have manifested. We are here on this planet to live our lives to our fullest potential with joy, love and ease. Sometimes after a year like this one (2020) that can feel hard. But like a arrow sometimes we need to be pulled backwards to propel forward.

2021 is the year spiritual awakening. At some point in 2020 we felt off balance out of our "normal" or in survival mode. This year 2021 is about awakening to your higher power. This is the year I challenge you to dedicate to YOU. The power of true self- love. Your authentic self love. When you set your resolutions I ask you to go deeper and ask your self "why?". In a society when we are always trying to achieve something more I encourage you to examine these beliefs. The reason we want things is because we think we will feel better once we get them. However this way of thinking creates blocks in manifestation. When we feel good now is when those things we want flow effortlessly into our lives. Starting your year off with a vision bored and journaling can help move the energy through.

Whatever we have around us does not matter if we do not feel good within us. Something simple start with is what is one thing you can do to make yourself feel good everyday. A self-care ritual. For me it is meditation before everyone in my house wakes up. Meditation with a cup a coffee! It does not have to be "prefect" (whatever that means) or what you see on social media, or a goal about weight loss. It's a few mindful minutes each day where you show yourself love and kindness.

To those who are reading this I send you so much love and light, to a year of you stepping into your personal power. You are loved, you are strong, you are awakening.

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