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Happy "NO" vember

What is your relationship with the word no? Take a pause and think about it. If you had 10 “no’s” to give this month, without any explanation or energy exchange what would you say no to? It is important that we find balance with the word NO.

How do you know if you are out of balance with the word NO.

Do you say no to things that would bring you joy? Why are you saying no to these things? Are you even aware that you are saying no to yourself?

Sometimes by not saying no to others, you are actually saying no to yourself. For example, when your boss asks you to stay late and you don’t want to say no so you stay. There are a few things that are happening…..

  • You are not living in alignment with your higher self by ignoring your own intuition and needs.

  • You are saying NO to yourself if you were planning on going to the gym or cooking yourself a healthy dinner you now are saying no to yourself by saying yes to someone else.

Often we are living on autopilot and unaware of the relationships in our life that are out of balance. Often it is our inner or our shadow who is afraid to say no. If you fear the word no it’s time to introspect where that fear comes from.

There is another perspective to look at on the word “no” are you saying no too often? Are you oversaying the word no, due to fear or anxiety? Sometimes saying no too often can leave us with stuck energy and some of our outer relationships less nurtured. Saying no all the time can lead to….

  • You can be missing out on soul-level growth that needs to occur.

  • You are saying no due to fear, but wish you could say yes.

Whether you are saying no too often or too little this is a great month to sit back and reflect on your relationship with this powerful word. Finding balance can help us find true inner peace in life.

What are some things you can say no to this month that will bring you peace?

Here are some examples.

  • Say NO to rushing by planning ahead.

  • Say NO to overworking by setting boundaries at work.

  • Say NO to a packed calendar by turning down events that are not in your alignment.

  • Say NO to feeling exhausted by prioritizing rest.

  • Say NO to feeling stressed by practicing mindfulness.

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