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Holiday Stress!

The holidays are wonderful times. However, if we are not careful and intuned with our own inner needs, we can become stressed out and overwhelmed. This is a good time to listen to your intuition and your body when making decisions that involve your energy. Yes..this means you can turn down events! You do not have to go to everything you are invited to. You also do not need to create events and fill your calendar throughout the whole season. If you are doing that it may be a trauma response. Having intense schedules and expectations of the holidays can lead to increased stress.

Find a quiet space, take some deep breaths, calm down your nervous system and ask yourself what would your ideal holiday season look like? Now get those thoughts and ideas on paper. What would need to change? What would need action? Now sit with that. Whatever your holidays looked like in the past you can create your own rituals and happy memories now. It is important to keep your nervous system in a calm state of being no matter what the season. This may involve some courageous conversations and boundary setting. Remember you are the creator of your reality and that all anxiety must subside. Breath through it and be brave this holiday season. You are important, your needs are important and the best gift you can give yourself and those you love this season is inner peace.

Much Love,



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