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Letter To My Clients

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Let’s Keep it Real:

I find it important in this healing work to be authentic with the people I work with. My intention is for you to know that I am a real person, who experiences all of our real human emotions.I have lived with my own shadow, and have had my own personal experience of transforming my own emotional suffering into well being. These experiences motivates me in the work that I do. From a young age like many of us I was trying to find our place in the world I felt weighed down with doubt, fear and emotions I was raised by a single mother, with a large family trying to do the best we could our lives. At times I was filled with stressed and difficulties maintaining healthy relationships. I often struggled in school. I often felt anxious and depressed and eventually and had very low self esteem and questioned my purpose.

Finding my purpose was a huge part of my transformation, that continues to evolve me in all the stages of my life. I was always interested in the human journey. Although I felt “not good enough” I started studying sociology,psychology and social work anyways. This is where my journey just begun. Through years of studying and healing I was led to a world of possibilities. I didn't do it alone, connections with others was a huge part of my healing. Collective consciousness is a great healing force. I now bring this to my clients. We are constantly transforming. There are so many moments and events in our lives that are opportunities for transformation, and when we look at these moments with mindfulness we have a choice to tune into the pain and see where it is guiding us, that is where true personal transformation happens. It’s messy it isn't pretty but my dear friend it is so so worth it.

With Love,


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