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Get to know Kelsy Prucker

Deciding to seek help takes courage and can be really difficult. Whether you’ve been feeling down, struggling with anxious or intrusive thoughts, or have memories from your past that you can’t seem to shake, you are in the right place. I work alongside clients to ensure that they feel supported and have the necessary resources to make the changes they want to make and be the person they want to be. I use a trauma-informed approach to work with teens and young adults who may be struggling with issues relating to anxiety, depression, or trauma. I strive to create a space that feels comforting, supportive, and free of any judgment.

In addition to these areas, I specialize in assisting late teens and young adults as they navigate the unique challenges of this life stage. This period can be marked by significant transitions, such as moving from high school to college, starting a career, or managing the complexities of newfound independence. These transitions often come with stress related to education, career choices, and other life changes. My approach is tailored to help you manage these stresses effectively, providing guidance in decision-making and coping strategies. Whether you're dealing with academic pressure, uncertainty about the future, job transitions, or the general upheaval that comes with entering adulthood, I'm here to support and empower you.

Our work together will focus on developing resilience, building self-confidence, and equipping you with the skills to navigate life's transitions smoothly. I’m so glad you’re here, and I look forward to supporting you through this exciting yet challenging phase of your life.

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