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Get to know Lauryn Wille

My purpose as a therapist is to help guide your journey to effect positive change in your life. I believe that making the mindful choice to show up for yourself in therapy is the first step to growth. 


Within my practice, I pull from a variety of therapeutic approaches that include but are not limited to mindfulness practice, cognitive behavioral therapy, and client-centered therapy. I am passionate about teaching strategies to help you feel comfortable and able to manage emotions and stressors that occur within your daily life. A part of my approach is supporting individuals and couples looking to grow their social and relationship skills to achieve more meaningful and fulfilling relationships.


My goal as your therapist is to provide a safe, nonjudgemental, and affirming environment where you are free to be your true self. Within the therapeutic process, we will work in collaboration to build upon your individual skills and strengths leading to an increased sense of self-confidence and awareness.


I am ready to support and empower you in your journey to healing and transforming into your best self.  Are you ready?


Lauryn is a Licensed Master of Social Work. She obtained her Masters of Social Work at Springfield College. Lauryn has experience in the School Social Work setting working with diverse groups of children and families within the public and therapeutic school environments. She also has experience working with adults in a residential rehabilitation program helping to teach clients a variety of skills including social skills, interpersonal skills as well as coping and conflict resolution skills. Lauryn is knowledgeable in helping a diverse population of clients navigates life's challenges.

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