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Get to know Samantha

Samantha Alzate is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker she has been working in the healing field for over 10 years. Her therapeutic approach stems from a variety of experiences including clinical group work, multidimensional family therapy, school social work, individual, family and couples therapy. In addition to these traditional therapies Samantha also is a Reiki healer, Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner,and mindfulness and law of attraction coach.

Samantha believes that the most effective way to bring a person, relationship or system back into alignment is healing the root cause of conflict. She assists her clients/groups in navigating and exploring the issues that create life blocks. While it is quite common to have these blocks, they can cause resistance in becoming your true self. Samantha’s integrated style stems from the belief that the start of the growing/healing process is through mindful awareness. She believes this awareness gives clients the opportunity to heal themselves on a deeper level. This awareness is essential to find the sense of balance and ease that is essential to our well-being.

Samantha received her Master’s degree in social work with a concentration in group work. In addition she also has received a Master’s certification in Conscious Studies and Transpersonal Psychology.


Samantha's Works

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