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We are a team of mindfully aware, always evolving therapists that show up authentically as our full selves. We believe that not one path to transformation is the same and the transformation process is never linear. However Mindful Transformations LLC mission is to help their clients raise their level of consciousness which will help them gradually transform into the person they were always meant to be. You are the expert on your life experience, and we, as therapists, are guides to help you reach your goals. Our team takes an integrative/ holistic approach to the healing process.

Each of our therapists has their own unique specialty and focus. You can find detailed information about each therapist on our website. Our group of therapists is available to see adults, teens, couples, and families experiencing trauma, anxiety, and depression.

Sending the first email, or making the first call can be hard. Your future self is thanking you for reading this page. You are the expert on your life experience, and we, as therapists, are guides to help you reach your goals. Our team takes an integrative/ holistic approach to the healing process. We hope to hear from you!




Samantha Alzate

LCSW - Owner


Samantha Alzate is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker she has been working in the healing field for over 10 years. Her therapeutic approach stems from a variety of experiences including clinical group work, multidimensional family therapy, school social work, individual, family and couples therapy. In addition to these traditional therapies Samantha also is a Reiki healer, Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner,and mindfulness and law of attraction coach.

Samantha believes that the most effective way to bring a person, relationship or system back into alignment is healing the root cause of conflict. She assists her clients/groups in navigating and exploring the issues that create life blocks. While it is quite common to have these blocks, they can cause resistance in becoming your true self. Samantha’s integrated style stems from the belief that the start of the growing/healing process is through mindful awareness. She believes this awareness gives clients the opportunity to heal themselves on a deeper level. This awareness is essential to find the sense of balance and ease that is essential to our well-being.

Samantha received her Master’s degree in social work with a concentration in group work. In addition she also has received a Master’s certification in Conscious Studies and Transpersonal Psychology.

Samantha has a waitlist until September 2023 






Lauryn Wille


(she, hers, her)

Phone: (860) 758-9624


My purpose as a therapist is to help guide your journey to effect positive change in your life. I believe that making the mindful choice to show up for yourself in therapy is the first step to growth. 


Within my practice, I pull from a variety of therapeutic approaches that include but are not limited to mindfulness practice, cognitive behavioral therapy, and client-centered therapy. I am passionate about teaching strategies to help you feel comfortable and able to manage emotions and stressors that occur within your daily life. A part of my approach is supporting individuals and couples looking to grow their social and relationship skills to achieve more meaningful and fulfilling relationships.


My goal as your therapist is to provide a safe, nonjudgemental, and affirming environment where you are free to be your true self. Within the therapeutic process, we will work in collaboration to build upon your individual skills and strengths leading to an increased sense of self-confidence and awareness.


I am ready to support and empower you in your journey to healing and transforming into your best self.  Are you ready?


Lauryn is a Licensed Master of Social Work. She obtained her Masters of Social Work at Springfield College. Lauryn has experience in the School Social Work setting working with diverse groups of children and families within the public and therapeutic school environments. She also has experience working with adults in a residential rehabilitation program helping to teach clients a variety of skills including social skills, interpersonal skills as well as coping and conflict resolution skills. Lauryn is knowledgeable in helping a diverse population of clients navigates life's challenges.







Erica Teti


Phone: 617-981-4228



Every day we are faced with challenges; some big, some small, and sometimes those challenges can feel overwhelming. Seeking someone to talk to takes courage, and I’m happy to help you along on this journey. Hello and welcome! My name is Erica Teti and I am passionate about helping people grow; the ability to grow is the ability to learn and I am a strong believer that we are always learning. I treat a variety of presenting problems but specifically focus on Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Family, and Relationship Conflict, and Stress in adolescents.

As a Licensed Master Social Worker and School Social Worker, I have had most of my experience working with adolescents transitioning in and out of high school and middle school. I work with students and their families to help better support each and guide them through the challenges thrown at them.

Using a Mindfulness approach, as well as Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Strengths and Solution Focused Therapy, I look to assist you with learning new skills to navigate whatever situations may arise in your life.

Erica Teti is a Licensed Masters's Level Social Worker. Who graduated from the University of Saint Joesph's College with her MSW. She is passionate about guiding her clients through the healing process.







Cristina DeCrosta

Clinical Supervisor

Phone: 860-785-6086



My goal as a therapist is to support and encourage you in achieving an improved quality of life. By working together, your goals may be realized and you may find satisfaction and peace in your life.  I offer an inclusive space where we can work together to process your experiences and embark on a journey of healing and wellness. 


I have been working in the mental health field for over 8 years. My therapeutic approach is integrative and includes cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavior, psychodynamic, interpersonal, and mindfulness-based therapies. It is imperative to me that we start where you are comfortable and that you set the goals of treatment. Together, we can work toward improving your social-emotional functioning and reaching peace.  


Cristina is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and she received her Master’s degree in social work at the University of Connecticut. Cristina has experience in hospital-based social work with a specialty in mental health and in working with those experiencing mental health crises; including but not limited to depression and anxiety. Cristina has a special interest in perinatal mental health; in working with those struggling with the transition involved with pregnancy, prenatal and postpartum periods.

christina-1 (3).jpg






Shannon Macca


Phone: 860-540-6761



Deciding to seek guidance in your life doesn’t always come easy. Making that phone call or email can often be the hardest step. I believe that everyone has the power to heal themselves through therapy. I provide a safe, non-judgmental, nurturing space to process the events of your life.  Each individual has their own path to healing; no matter what that path may be, we will figure out the best steps for you.


I can help you on the path to healing; whether it is anxiety, depression, or grief. Together we will work on learning self-empowerment, mindfulness, and other coping skills to help you during stressful times. I specialize in life transitions such as grief, caregiving, and retirement. This can include but is not limited to taking care of a sick loved one, parenting a challenging child, or becoming an empty nester. 


I have been in this field for over 10 years and will create a warm and welcoming environment to help you thrive. If you have any questions please don’t be afraid to reach out for a free consultation to see if I may be the right fit to work with you. 







Christa Roberts

Reiki Practioner



My name is Christa Roberts and I am a Reiki Practitioner and Energy Worker. Reiki is a Japanese form of relaxation and energy healing. By harnessing this universal energy I am able to help heal the client from within. Just as a chiropractor aligns your spine, I use Reiki energy to align your chakras. Everything about our daily lives can affect our chakras, from the environment we live in to the words we speak. When our chakras are out of alignment the energy can manifest physically or emotionally. Through our sessions, I will help to navigate your individual needs while incorporating oracle cards, crystals, and essential oils.

Christaheadshot-1 (1).jpg






Justin Russell

Office Manager



Justin Russell Is the office manager for Mindful Transformations LLC. He graduated from Marist College in 2023 with a Bachelor of Business and concentration in Human Resources. He is passionate about working with small businesses and helping them succeed. Here at Mindful Transformations he supports both clients and therapists  in addressing their needs outside of the therapy session. If you need assistance in checking your insurance benefits, signing up for a new event or scheduling an appointment Justin does it all. Reach out today! 


Phone 860-308-2807

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